A year of crazy…so why not!

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten back into the swing of things with my ancestry! I’ve changed jobs, moved to a new city, helped contribute to a family reunion, living through a pandemic and whatever else 2020 has left in store for us, and just settling into new routines to keep me going!

One of the things that I am happy with is the start of collecting my information that I’ve worked on through the years and putting them on this site. I’m moving towards making the information more interactive and putting it in a way that I can tell my family story better. I’m leveraging some genealogical methods that I’ve learned through coursework and personal experience to make things flow better. I’m still learning how best to reference the information, so suggestions in my comments are a plus to helping me to grow! Of course, if you have more information, photos, details, family connections that you’d like to share I would be more than happy to associate them to my site!

As you may notice, besides the new layout, is a new link in the menu called Family History of Robb Reed. It includes drop down boxes of the four lines of my family I am going back with. I’ve only included the further generation line of each at the moment, and will add more to them each week. I will try and get some updated by dates on the pages so you know which ones to reference, and I’ll update them on my sites so that you can hopefully follow-along if there is any specific member that you are interested in. A lot of my source information will come from Ancestry.com because it is where most of my work lives. I’ll add some personal photos and documents as well to keep things digitized. Finally, I’ll see how I can incorporate the genetic information if I think it makes sense. I know that more and more family members have gotten theirs taken in the last few years.

Thank you all for your patience, I know that only a handful even got associated with the early stages of my site, and I appreciate those, especially my family, who have provided me support over this past year and half that have kept me going. THANK YOU!

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